//Traditional Vs. Mobile Roadworthy: Know About The Benefits Of Us Coming To You//

Traditional Vs. Mobile Roadworthy: Know About The Benefits Of Us Coming To You

In order to sell, buy, re-register, or transfer a vehicle, it is important to have the vehicle inspected so as to be sure that the vehicle is safe for the streets and is roadworthy. It does not only protect you, but it protects others on the roads as well.

However, it might be a hassle to take your vehicle to a certified inspection centre and have it thoroughly checked. Hence, here are a few reasons why mobile roadworthy services can be helpful instead.


Roadworthy inspections, for the most part, takes somewhere around 60 minutes. This figure remains approximately the same irrespective of whether you opt for a traditional or mobile service.

However, by choosing to go mobile, you can easily avoid a lot of unnecessary travel and waiting time.

When you choose to opt for a mobile roadworthy inspection, you get the option of assessors coming over to your home or workplace to inspect your vehicle.


When compared to traditional inspection, a mobile roadworthy inspection is considerably cheaper primarily because there are fewer operating costs.

Also, lower overheads naturally suggest that mobile roadworthy services can be received at cheaper rates, although it is much more convenient for you. On top of everything, you get to save on fuel and precious time!!


In the time we live in, contactless services have become of paramount importance. After all, with the sword of COVID-19 dangling above our heads, it would be foolish to risk your lives by touching door handles, wait in service stations, and by being exposed to other people.

By choosing to opt for mobile roadworthy services, you take a stance on siding with contactless services, thus saving yourself and the ones who mean the most to you.


There are many assessment centres out there that have affiliations with various repair workshops. A roadworthy assessment centre is rarely wholly independent.

But that does not mean we are suggesting that all are the same. On the contrary, there are some, like Roadworthy Today, that are not linked with any repair workshop.

Whatever the case may be, we believe in offering our clients honest feedback about their vehicles. If you are looking for authentic and genuine mobile roadworthy certificates, or are looking for car repairs or any other vehicle services, feel free to come to us.

To sum it up, our mobile roadworthy services are way better than any traditional Sunshine Coast roadworthy. Thus, without wasting any more time, contact us today to get you’re trusted roadworthy certificate.

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