//Let’s Talk About How Much Is A Roadworthy Certificate Worth//

Let’s Talk About How Much Is A Roadworthy Certificate Worth

The question of how much is a Roadworthy Certificate and inspection worth must cross your mind when you think about buying or selling a used car.

Here, we will discuss how much is a Roadworthy Certificate worth and certain other aspects of Roadworthy Certificates.

But before we see the cost of Roadworthy Certificate Qld, let us first see what exactly a Roadworthy Certificate is.


When anyone plans to buy a used vehicle or sell their used vehicle, it is mandatory to have a Roadworthy Certificate. This legal document acts as proof that a vehicle is safe enough to hit the road.

When you have a Roadworthy Certificate, it becomes easier to transfer ownership and drastically decreases the chances of purchasing an unroadworthy vehicle.

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Having this certificate is also mandatory for selling a registered car or when you are going to register an unregistered vehicle. You can only get this certificate after a Roadworthy Inspection has been carried out.

(Note: In Queensland, only Approved Inspection Stations or AIS can inspect the vehicle and issue a Safety or Roadworthy Certificate.)

So, if you have intentions of buying or selling a used vehicle, it is best to look up “Roadworthy near me” as it is a legal requirement in Queensland.


While looking for a “Roadworthy Certificate near me,” you must remember that you can only get this certificate after a Roadworthy Inspection.

A Roadworthy Inspection makes sure that your vehicle meets the basic safety standards. It includes the inspection of the following aspects and components:

  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Windscreen
  • Any damage to the body

However, a Roadworthy Inspection and Certificate does not guarantee the mechanical reliability, inspection, and life expectancy of a vehicle. For that, you would need to get a Mechanical Inspection and a Pre-purchase Inspection done.

Moreover, when you are talking about the Roadworthy Certificate price, what you are actually talking or asking about is how much is a Qld Roadworthy Certificate Inspection worth.

It would be best to remember that the Roadworthy Inspection fee in Queensland is set by the Government and cannot be changed. But, there are some mobile service providers who charge an extra amount known as the call-out fee.


  • TRAILERS OVER 750KG UP TO 3,500KG – $43.15
  • MOTORCYCLES – $55.40

So, there it is!! Hopefully, this blog answers your question – how much does it cost to get a Roadworthy Certificate?

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