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What is a Roadworthy Certificate & its Purpose

Roadworthy Certificate is such a legal document without which one cannot and must not drive the car on road in Australia. So, one can understand that how important the certificate is for any driver around Australia. Roadworthy Certificate is also known as Mobile Safety Certificate is issued for light vehicles which must not weigh more than 4500 kg.

Roadworthy Certificate (currently known as Mobile Safety Certificate) is a very essential document while one is purchasing a car for the first time or want sale the car or even want to go for registration or re-registration. This Roadworthy Certificate helps to bring down the number of poorly maintained car from the roads of Australia.

Roadworthy Certificate is the authentication paper of any car that it has been checked and it has passed to hit the road. If someone is trying to shift state then Roadworthy Certificate is needed for his or her car. So, one cannot deny the relevance of this document in life.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most vital aspects of Roadworthy inspection what is done by Roadworthy Today

Roadworthy Inspection By Roadworthy Today

To get the certificate of roadworthiness, one must have an inspection of his or her vehicle done which in Sunshine Coast area Roadworthy Today provides. To be more specific, a roadworthy inspection is just an examination of the normal condition of the mechanical accuracy of any vehicle. If you ask for a full mechanical inspection for your vehicle or a full scale check, you need to have a separate quote and separate report from us, mentioning the mechanical aspect of the car.

Roadworthy Today provides checking for Roadworthy Inspection which includes:

  • 1. Wheel & Tyres

  • 2. Steering & Suspension

  • 3. Brakes

  • 4. Vehicle Body & Chassis

  • 5. Seats & Seat Belts

  • 6. Lights, Signals & Reflectors

  • 7. Windscreen & Windows

The roadworthy inspection is meant to check on the wear or deterioration of any vehicle to suggest if it is unsafe on roads or not. General items are evaluated by our professional and licensed vehicle inspector which includes the tread and age of the tyres, any leakage of any fluids or oil, whether the lights are working properly or not, and also the performance of the brakes of the car. It is always better to speak with our professional car mechanic to get the complete information of what is evaluated. And if there any illegal modifications have been done to the car then it also should be checked in the process.

Notices for clearing car defect

A Roadworthy Inspection in Sunshine Coast area by Roadworthy Today for a car means the car is worthy for this state where it has given the certificate. The standard of the Roadworthy Certificate is set by the Australian government and is strictly enforced and asked to follow by the department of transport of our state.

Every now and often officers of the law can stop your car and ask for it, so it is very important to have it and if you have the certificate and still your car has flat tires or oil leakages you cannot avoid the fine though you have the certificate.

So, do not try to use easy escape when you are driving a car on road otherwise you may cause of an accident.

Cost of the Roadworthy Inspection by Roadworthy Today

The cost for the inspection of roadworthy certificate depends completely on the type of vehicle you are having. And when the age of the car and the condition of the vehicle are being checked, it also adds up sum money and decides the total amount you are paying. The total expense of the roadworthy inspection varies from car to car so it would be better to have our quote from our online portal or you may visit our outlet to get an idea of how much your inspection will cost. Make sure you do this before you engage our licensed vehicle tester to start the inspection on your car.

To have the Roadworthy Inspection from Roadworthy Today for your car you need to get your car inspected by our authorized licensed vehicle tester from our service centre. So, it won’t be a challenge for you to get the Roadworthy Inspection done for your car

And once your car passed through the tests you can obtain the Roadworthy Certificate from Roadworthy Today’s service centre where you have given your car. Though the cost of inspection varies but roughly it ranges from $ 85 to $125.

You don’t need to hang it to car but if any police officer asks for it you must show it to him or her.

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