Roadworthy Today is operated by the largest vehicle inspection company in Queensland Auto King Mobile Mechanics.

Our mission is to be able to get to you the same morning you call us for a mobile roadworthy inspection. We realize that it’s not convenient to drop your car off at a workshop and organise for a life home or to work, Only to then get another lift back to the workshop to pick up your car in the afternoon when the roadworthy inspection has been completed.

Roadworthy Today mobile inspections are the new way to have your vehicle inspected. You don’t make phone calls with a landline anymore you use a mobile phone, Well that’s the same as getting a Roadworthy Today mobile roadworthy inspection at your home or office.

One of our Queensland Transport approved examiners will bring our mobile workshops to your home and conduct the inspection as per the code of practice. There is no difference to a mobile inspection report as to a workshop report, other than you do not have to waste your precious time driving from one side of town to another.

Roadworthy Today onsite inspections typically take under 40 minutes from arrival onsite to invoicing for the work and leaving. We accept cash or credit cards and offer trade accounts for commercial customers like car yards and motor dealers.

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One of the questions we often get asked is “What does the inspection cover?”. See below for a simplified list of the items we inspect:

Tyres – We look for the tread depth. Are their cracks in the side walls? Do they match? You must have the same pair of tyres on the front and can have another pair on the rear but they must match.

Brakes – Do they have wear left in the pads? Are they operating correctingly? Part of the road test is to do a brake test to ensure they are pulling up with enough force if they are required in an emergency.

Steering – Does it have play in it? Can you easily control the vehicle without having to constantly over correct the steering. Does it give feedback from the road?

Suspension – Are all shocks and springs operating correctly? Are there any evidence of leaks or failure of the shocks to actively return to place? Clunking or bumping when test driving can indicate you have suspension issues.

Body rust or damage – Any panels that stick out or have impact damage that causes a sharp edge will cause a vehicle to fail. You CAN have dented panels which will not fail a roadworthy but you cannot have it causing anything that could catch or cut a pedestrian.

Windscreen – Are there any chips or cracks in the screen. You can have a stone chip up to 10mm but anything over that and it will need to be repaired or the windscreen replaced.

Lights – Do all the blinkers, headlights and tail lights operate as per the factory design? Do all bulbs turn on and off as required. You can have a friend help check these before we come as it’s one of the most common things people have their car fail on. We can bring bulbs if you let us know and need us to come replace them when doing the inspection.


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